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How to Get An Invitation Letter for Visa Application Issued by the Expo Organizer?  

Organizer of Dental South China will provide international exhibitors and visitors with invitation letters which is for submission at Chinese Embassy when exhibitors and visitors apply for visa. Exhibitors and visitors who need an invitation letter, please follow the steps below.

Step 1: Pre-registration

Please pre-regisatration in our system first. Tell us which is your pre-registration ID (the e-mail address).

Step 2: Please provide the following information to dentalvisit@ste.cn:

1. The Photo of the Passport

2. Company information, including 

1) Company profile

- must be engaged in the dental industry company/clinic.

- must include company address, company telephone, company website.

2) Company Licence

3) Employee's employment certificate for you issued by the company

4) The above information must be stamped the Official seal or signed by the general manager of company.

Q & A:


Q1: What should I do if I need an original invitation letter rather than a digital one?

A1: For exhibitors and visitors who need the original invitation letters, please contact us (dentalvisit@ste.cn). 

We will deal with your application in 5 working days. After further email confirmation, we will finally send the original invitation letter to you by air mail or express (at your own expense).

- Air mail:

According to our experience, it may take two weeks to possibly a month before you receive our mail. Therefore, we strongly recommend visitors who need the original letters to submit applications as earlier as possible.

The deadline is 31 January 2024.

- Express delivery:

Express delivery takes only several days for the letters to reach you. Visitors shall be responsible for all the delivery expenses incurred. Please write down your express agent and account number while filling the application form, such as TNT account or DHL account, so that the delivery can be arranged.

The deadline is 31 January 2024.


The expo organizer will spend most of time at the expo venue two weeks before the expo begins. Therefore, please submit your application before deadline. Any application submitted after deadline will be dismissed.

Q2What kind of invitation letters do I need?

The one issued by the expo organizer or by Chinese government?

A2: We advise you to consult the Chinese Consulate in your country to find out what kind of invitation letters you need to submit first.

-To get the invitation letter issued by the expo organizer: 

For most foreign visitors, an invitation letter issued by Guangdong International Science and Technology Exhibition Co., Ltd. (namely the organizer of Dental South China  International Expo), can help to get the Chinese visa successfully. 

-To get the invitation letter issued by Chinese government: 

Because of government's policy alteration, to help foreign visitors get the invitation letter issued by Chinese government is beyond the ability of the expo organizer. We beg your pardon. 

Please feel free to contact us dentalvisit@ste.cn if there is any further enquiry.