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Restart Growth! The 2023 Annual Dentistry Exhibition "Foresees" The Future
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With the gradual release of the effects of various policies to stabilize the economy, various industries are ushering in post-epidemic renaissance and recovery growth.Facing this new trend of "Restart Growth",  the 28th Dental South China International Expo & Congress  (simple as "2023 DENTAL SOUTH CHINA ") will be held at Area C of China Import and Export Complex in Guangzhou during February 23-26.

For the dentistry , the significance of "Restart Growth" is to explore new models, find opportunities, expand new marketsand discover new growth points.Therefore, the 2023 DENTAL SOUTH CHINA will continue to build a new exhibition model with "exhibition + senimar + scene experience" which means 55,000+ square meter area, 830+ exhibitors, new product releases, 200+ professional seminarsand a variety of immersive experience activities. Integratedwith the layout of international, professionalandmarket-oriented ,2023 DENTAL SOUTH CHINA provides a communication and learning platform to visitors such as brand owners, distributors and dental practitioners. Finally it is to reach the goal of “gather people through exhibition, promote production through exhibitionand develop dentistrythrough exhibition".

"Smart Manufacturing" Enhances Core Competitiveness

"Digital Transfers" Seizes New Opportunities For Development

The three-year epidemic has put forward higher requirements for infection control and service management of dental institutions. Dental institutions at home and abroad have accelerated their digital transformationand the demand for digital dental devices has also increased. In this context, some oral upstream manufacturers are moving from "manufacturing" to "smart manufacturing”  and bucked the trend ; some dental service institutions adapt to digital innovation and enhance their service capabilities. This is exactly the important reason for maintaining the leading edge in the increasingly competitive market.

The 2023 DENTAL SOUTH CHINA will continue to focus on oral products of Smart Manufacturingand carry out a series of activities of "Innovative Smart Manufacturing in South China" to introduce more advanced dental technologies, concepts and products from around the world. More than 830 dental manufacturers from over 20 countries and regions will bring digital transformation, artificial intelligence, big data and other new technologies to improve the efficiency of the whole dentistry. Applications of digital dentistry is one of the most concerned topics in the field. It requires every dentistry practitioner and every dental institution to pay attention, think and explore, so as to seize opportunities and maintain growth.

Focus On The New Process Of Dentistry

Welcome The Recommunication Between Hong Kong And Macau

With the measures optimization for personnel exchanges between the Mainland ,Hong Kong and Macau, the 2023 DENTAL SOUTH CHINA welcomes the academic communication return from Hong Kong and Macau .The forums such as "The 15th Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao-Taiwan Dental Implant Summit Forum" and "Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Oral Health Summit Forum" will accelerate the development of dental academic communication, applications and scientific research in the four regions.

The 2023 DENTAL SOUTH CHINA is going to focus on the popular topics, for instance, implantology, orthodontics, endodontics, periodontics, restoration, prevention, nursing, pediatric dentistry, oral emergency, oral surgery etc. At same time, five series activities as well as  including “Manager talk”,“In-depth training”,“Technical session”,“Excellentcase sharing”,“Comunication session” and over 200 seminar including "China Dental Hospital Development Forum", "China Private Dental Development Forum", "The 17th Stomatological Academic Conference of Guangdong Stomatological Association" and "Chinese Stomatological Association Stomatology Education Professional Committee Standing Committee Working Conference and Stomatology Young Teachers Lecture Tour" focus on points of new problems to be solved, new paths to be implemented and new trends to be developed in the dentistry, aiming at in-depth discussions from a forward-looking and speculative perspective.. Among them, "Oral Emergency Session"is new event following on "Standardized Oral Emergency Treatment"; experts join in the five excellent case sharing sessions of implantology, orthodontics, restoration, periodonticsand endodontics, explore more reasonable treatment planwith authors and audiences ;subject training courses on implantation, orthodontics, nursingand endodontics meet the practical training needs of dentists and help improve the level of clinical technology.

Explore The Integration of New Formats

Multi-Dimensional Immersive Experience

The 2023 DENTAL SOUTH CHINA actively explores the integration of new formats, starting from the perspective of "oral & art", "oral & history and culture"and "oral & talent"with multi-dimensional perspectives to touch the field and create an immersive viewing experience, aiming to build new exhibition scenes such as digital intelligence art exhibition, dental equipment museum, dentistry job fair, etc.

One of mentioned events is the Dental Equipment Museum introduced by 2023 DENTAL SOUTH CHINAat first time. It uses cultural relics as the thread to tell the beauty of civilization, the light of historyand the journey of evolution. The scene is set up for interactive experience, allowing the visitors to experience the process of oral civilization through real touch; the 3rdDentistry Art Exhibition will build the intelligent generationfuture of dental clinics through digital art; the 3rd Dentistry Job Fair is continue to build a broader bridge between enterprises, institutions and visitors. The online and offline recruitment kick off simultaneously involved dozens of dental colleges, institutions, associations, enterprises and denture processing factories.

In addition, the exhibition set up a variety of interesting interactive activities in the event areas such as "WeChat Fan Club" and "Fun Welfare Club". With rich benefits such as iPhone14, Huawei tabletand Dyson hair dryer;The 7th“Distributors&Manufacturers Corner” will continueto provide international supply and demand information and launch the program of“International Dentist Work in China” for the first time. Do wish dentistry colleagues to foresee the future in 2023 and develop very well.

Under the Healthy China strategy, China's dental care, as an important part of China's economic activities, will usher in recovery and growth like other industries. As an annual dentistry exhibition,2023 DENTAL SOUTH CHINA will work with every colleague together to take up the responsibility and build a new development pattern of the dentistry, also strive to promote the high-quality development of it, so as to make China's dentistry move towards a higher level with glorious future.

The pre-registration for the 2023 DENTAL SOUTH CHINA has been released and you can go to the "DENTAL SOUTH CHINA" official account for it.