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Dental South China International Expo to celebrate 25th Anniversary
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Dental South China International Expo is going to celebrate its 25th anniversary on 2-5 March 2020 at Area C of China Import and Export Fair Complex in Guangzhou. Over 1,000 exhibitors from 25 countries and regions and 60,000 visitors will gather in Guangzhou to witness and exchange the advancement of the dental industry.

· 25 Memorable Years Bring New Millstone
Dental South China International Expo, as a trend vane of the dental industry, is a full–range presentation and communication platform for exhibitors and visitors to exchange information and experience. Exhibitors bring high quality products and cutting-edge technologies, varying from high-end dental equipment to general medical device. Over 25 years, Dental South China International Expo, known for its large scale, high prestige and great services, builds up a good public image and at the same time, makes contribution to the international promotion and experience exchange for the whole trade. With the continuous expansion of exhibition scale, the exhibition area expanded from 1,083 square meters in 1995 to 57,200 square meters in 2019, and the number of exhibitors increased from 34 to 999, achieving leapfrog development. The exhibition area this year reached a record high of 58,000sqm with 8 grand halls. Five pavilions from Germany, the USA, Korea, Taiwan and Nanhai, Foshan continued to display unique products and demonstrate their regional development images through diversified promotion and digital platform.

·High-end Conferences and Symposiums Cover Every Topic
The Dental South China Expo is more than just a presenting platform for latest products and frontier technologies. It is also a diversified stage for further profession education, cutting-edge achievement sharing and experience exchange. Hundreds of symposiums were held here. Invited field experts and professors shared the latest medical research achievements, practical clinical techniques, and their experience in advanced equipment operation and efficient strategies on clinic management. Over 100 high-quality symposiums will be held this year, concerning managerial skills, comprehensive medical training, technology special, case and experience sharing. The implant and orthodontics hands-on workshop will be carried out again to help dentists put their theoretical knowledge into practice.

·Smart application platform optimize visitor participation experiences
To optimize global visitors' participation experiences, Dental South China International Export innovated and launched a series of intelligent application platforms. Among them, the pre-registration business card identification helps exhibitors and visitors to enter the exhibition hall quickly without filling paper forms; Electronic conference registration flexibly assisting visitors to preview symposium schedule online, select courses, and purchase conference tickets. You can directly enter the venue by swiping the QR code without waiting in a long queue; besides, an instant messaging program for exhibitors and visitors “Go for Meet” was launched to achieve better communication between exhibitors and visitors. These programs are focus on user experiences, simplifying on-site tedious procedures, improving service efficiency, and optimizing service quality.

The 25th anniversary of the Dental South China International Expo is both a milestone and a new starting point. Sincerely looking forward to meeting you in 2020 and let’s witness a more innovative, professional and international expo!